About Us

Almond milk collection was created for women who want to feel beautiful on the outside as they do on the inside. This boutique was started by a hard working entrepreneur by the name of Keisha "NailBully" Alteme. She owned and operated a successful black owned nail salon for years by the name of NailBully Nail Bar in Dania Beach FL. She always talked fashion with nail clients and always gave fashion suggestions so with that in mind and her following on instagram she started the Almond Milk Collection. Her fashion expresses her personality and style from business sexy to classy casual. Living a plus size lifestyle does not mean limited options of style. It means endless possibilities of creativity and passion.

Almond milk collection caters to woman all shapes curves, and sizes and those with a little something extra. Almond milk collection allows you to look and feel how you want to be seen BEAUTIFUL, VOLUMPTUOUS, CONFIDENT, EMPOWERD and plain old HAPPY!

Just know that when you walk into a room with your head held high just remember Almond Milk Collection has your back.

We appreciate your support!

-Almond Milk Collection